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Learn what happens when technology and agriculture work hand in hand.

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Our Promise

We believe our years of experience within agriculture, partnered with years of experience within technology will launch agriculture innovation to the next generation. We value a handshake, community, a productive work day, and the pride of knowing the products we create contribute to a better world. Just as agriculture has always done, and will continue to do. At NextGen AgTech, we know success is found when tradition and revolution work hand in hand. Here, we are bringing technology innovation to agriculture. 


"NextGen AgTech is bringing cattle to the future."

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Eric Keener
Director of Marketing | In Time Tec

Meet the Team


Rob T circ

Rob Tuft

Project Manager

Frank Riskey

Program Manager

Jordan Hepton

Feedlot Partner

Siera Horton

Product Owner & Sales
Michael Bess circ

Michael Bess

Technical Lead

Reese Gonsalves

Marketing & Sales

Josue Hernandez

Technical Support

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