Our Products

At NextGen AgTech, we are committed to partnering with, and learning from the agriculture industry to bring technology innovation that solves real challenges. Our products solve a variety of feedlot-specific needs, meaning they can be used individually, but work best when integrated to keep all aspects of your operation running efficiently. It’s time to step into the next generation. 

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Feedlot Manager

Step into the next generation. Through cloud based technology, connect anytime, anywhere to manage all aspects, including health, feed, and billing of your feedlot better. We understand details matter with Feedlot manager. 

Endless Excel sheets and manual ledgers are a thing of the past with our warehousing app. Save time and money through automated tracking of  bills, interest rates,  sales, and hedges with Cattle Finance Manager. 

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Shipping Tracker

Never miss a load of cattle again. Easily track buys and shipments-live from anywhere. It’s simple, because it should be with Shipping Tracker.