Feeding America is a full-time job, let us do the paperwork.

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  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time recording
  • Cloud based
  • Bi-lingual
  • Health tracking
  • Finances
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Feed & more
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Cattle Finance Manager

Endless Excel Spreadsheets and manual ledgers are a thing of the past. Save time and money through automated tracking of bills, interest rates, sales, and hedges with Cattle Finance Manager.

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Feedlot Manager

Less stress, improved bottom line. Through cloud based technology connect anytime, anywhere to manage health, feed inventory, yard layout, and billing of your feedlot, better.
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Cattle PO

Never miss a load of cattle again. Easily track buys and shipments live, from anywhere. It's simple, because it should be with Shipping Tracker.
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Warehouse Finance  Manager

Manage the business of financing cattle for other people made simple. Keep track of statements and records in one place. You manage the cattle, we got the paperwork.


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Real-time recording

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, our products solve a variety of needs, meaning they can be used individually, but work best when integrated to keep all aspects of your operation running efficiently. Available in both Spanish and English to meet the needs of all of your team.
Experience the reliability of our cutting-edge software designed to streamline your operations effortlessly. We have a dedicated tech support team, always available at no cost to ensure your success.
Easily keep track of records to make data driven decisions a breeze. Input data manually, or purchase additional hardware we supply to automate feeding and processing. Health, feed, shipping, and financial data available anytime, anywhere.

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